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Are you planning a casual outdoor wedding? Your wedding day is a very special day to celebrate you and your fiance’. That day should reflect YOU, not what society or tradition determines. Are you and your fiance’ fancy, formal people who enjoy the standard “prim and proper” ways? Or are you more casual, laid back, outdoorsy people? If the ladder describes you better, consider a casual outdoor wedding to celebrate the beginning of your lives together.

Weddings are by nature “formal events.” Just look at the dress and the usual attire of most wedding parties. However, that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be formal, sophisticated, and stuffy. A casual outdoor wedding can be respectful of the significant day, yet be fun and laid back also. Following are some ways to make your special day more casual, while being appropriate for the occasion:


The formal wedding gown & tuxedo is not required! Choose what you and your fiance’ are most comfortable in.  A white/cream little sundress is very nice for a casual outdoor wedding. Simple sundresses for bridesmaids are nice also. Guys can wear kaki’s and a comfortable untucked button down shirt. In cooler weather throw on a comfortable jean jacket. Guys simply add long sleeves. Jeans are also very appropriate for a casual outdoor wedding. Make sure your guests know to dress down if you’re going for a casual feel. Mention the “dress code” on your invitation. “Jeans & shorts ok.”  “No ties allowed!” “No heels allowed!” “Bare feet & flip flops ok.”


The type and presentation of the food provided can really set the tone for your wedding. Food trucks are great for a casual outdoor wedding. Food trucks can serve tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, BBQ, etc. A buffet of yummy food with disposable plates and flatware works well also. Fine china would not fit your casual outdoor wedding, so save the expense!


Later in the day-evening-night is typically when dancing begins! Make sure your dance floor is easily accessable and inviting. Fun lighting, often provided by DJs (or at least by means of outdoor TVs listed on this page), can make the night FUN and keep the casual outdoor wedding going. Consider dancing outdoors, under the stars! Dance floors can be rented and set up at your venue for a very reasonable price. Just make sure you have a back-up plan in case it rains.

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