When Planning an Outdoor Wedding, Simple Can Be Better

0de806cb398ba8ac3d8be3c0f3b43ce5_f13After eight years of hosting hundreds of weddings at 1899 Farmhouse outdoor wedding venue, I’m convinced that simple weddings/receptions are the ones that seem to run the smoothest. The bride and groom are happiest and the day is simply more enjoyable.

Simplify Your Outdoor Wedding to Reduce Stress

Although tons of planning and preparation go into every wedding or big event, that ONE special day does not need to exemplify stress and anxiety. For starters, choose an outdoor wedding venue that has a ceremony setting you naturally like and looks nice as is. Remember, the main focus at your ceremony is going to be a beautiful bride and groom surrounded by a wedding party that’s dressed up in the colors you chose with bouquets and boutonnieres. There’s not much you need to add after all of that is in place. Of course, an arbor, flowers, or some nice backdrop is nice, but is it necessary? Again, remember this when you are choosing your outdoor wedding venue.

Selecting an outdoor wedding venue that has a natural appealing background, such as trees, can save you a lot of stress and money.  It’s nice to have something down the aisle, like flowers. They can be hung on either the chairs or shepherd’s hooks. Typically, every other row looks best. When the flower arrangements are made ahead of time, this only takes a few minutes to set them out. Add a cute sign at the back welcoming your guests and letting them know where to sit. Then, in no time, your ceremony site is set!!

Tips to Simplify Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Having your reception at the same outdoor wedding venue as your ceremony makes things so easy for you, your wedding party and your guests. Decorating for your reception does not have to be an overwhelming task. Hopefully, all needed tables, chairs, and linens will already be set before you arrive to begin decorating for your reception. Tables naturally come to life in a large room once table linens are on and nice chairs are placed around each table.

Simple Centerpiece Decorating Tips

A simple centerpiece on 8-10 or up to 30-35 tables, will really bring the room to life! Choose one main focal point for the center of each table, such as flowers, lanterns, bird cages, or cluster of objects, etc. Not all tables need to be the same. Mix them up if you want. The simplest way to add to that main focal point is with candles. Setting 3, 5, or 7 candles around the centerpiece of a table is very quick to set up. Designate a few people to light the candles just before guests arrive. Most people want to help. This is a very easy assignment for most friends/family who will already be attending your wedding.

Baby’s breath and roses go so well together and can be added to most centerpieces if an array of fresh flowers is too costly. You may want to accent the tables with a runner or scrunched up fabric/burlap under the centerpieces, but that’s not necessary for a beautiful reception. And that’s really all you need! Place settings (plates, napkins & utensils) can all be in one place at the buffet tables. In my opinion, the simpler the centerpieces, the more comfortable and elegant it looks.

Tips to Simplify Decorating Extra Reception Tables

Extra tables at the reception venue can be used for all or some of the following: gift table, guest book table, cake table(s), memory table, buffet and drink tables, candy/popcorn bar, and table for favors. Each of these tables have a purpose and should have things already prepared to go on them. Other than a few signs, flower arrangement, or candles, there’s not much to worry about for these tables. The one table that may deserve a little more time and detail would be your sweetheart table or head table with your wedding party. Simple décor with candles can make this table look amazing. When the bride and groom and wedding party all sit down it’s naturally dressed up and becomes the most important table in the room!

It’s worth spending a little extra effort and money when choosing a great photographer. It’s not just because you will have great photos. Your wedding photographer also will be directing you throughout the day/night. Your DJ will also help make sure nothing gets left out and everything flows smoothly. Make a point to communicate very clearly ahead of time with your photographer and DJ and wedding planner (if you choose one). They will take charge and let you and your wedding party simply enjoy your wedding!

These planning tips will help simplify your wedding day and reduce stress. This will help you can focus on the fun you’ll have getting ready and enjoying the hours beforehand with your wedding party. You’ll then be able to experience a beautiful and meaningful ceremony in an outdoor wedding venue that you naturally love.

1899 Farmhous Outdoor Wedding VenueAbout 1899 Farmhouse Outdoor Wedding Venue

1899 Farmhouse is a secluded, peaceful, beautiful, outdoor wedding venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions.  This beautiful 11-acre venue, near Lucas, TX and Lake Lavon, features a historic house built in 1899, swimming pool, 6,000 sq. ft. covered pavilion with electrical outlets, and a gazebo. The property also has many large pecan trees and numerous other lovely, scenic areas that are perfect for outdoor weddings. It has hosted weddings for couples from cities all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including McKinney, Allen, Anna, Celina, Fairview, Frisco, Garland, Greenville, Lewisville, Little Elm, Lucas, Melissa, Mesquite, Parker, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Richardson, Rockwall, Sherman and Wylie.

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